Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

Brace yourself, summer is coming! Who is ready for summer? I am! … almost.


Hi! <3

Just a quick post here. I haven’t posted anything in a LONG while a I am very sorry for that. College is my main excuse, but I won’t use that one. I’ll be honest: I have been lazy. I want to thank you for the likes, follows and the awesome comments. I promise I will keep posting more things more frequently. There is a new blog coming soon so please stay tune. I will work even harder now to make time for new blog posts.❤


Get fit!

Get fit!

I’m changing my way to live, how about you?


Manicure Tutorial Time: The You’ll Never See A Receipt The Same Way Edition

Imprint Manicure Tutorial
Imprint Manicure Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a great day! Today I wanted to present you guys my first tutorial. I have posted other manicures, but I actually have never shown you how to do them.

I found this manicure in Pinterest and actually thought it was not possible to do. I decided to try it and film it. This was the first time I did this manicure. I made a couple of changes to it along the way.

So, why don’t we start?


Redesigns by Haru Haru: Haru’s Sexy Secret

Hi guys!! Check out my latest redesign! It is one of a kind and it’s FOR SALE!! If you want it just let me know!! Don’t forget to follow the blog and like the Facebook page here!!! Thanks for reading!!❤😀

RedesignsByHaruHaru's Blog

Hi everyone!

Today’s redesign is different and a first for me. I decided to redesign a bra. Why? Well, being a boobielicious girl myself I know how difficult it is to find sexy lingerie in big sizes on a budget. I decided to buy a bra that fits me properly and I would redecorate it.


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The DayDreamer Review: The I Love Hights Edition


Welcome back to the DayDreamer Review! Today I’ll be reviewing shoes again. I am so excited to be blogging again after such a long time. My priority at the moment is college so I kinda stopped blogging for a while.😀 So, why don’t we start?


Check out me Youtube channel!

Hi guys!

I feel so ashamed that I have not blogged in a long time and I am truly sorry. Between job hunting, working out and college I haven’t had time to sit in front of my computer and get inspiration for a blog. But not all is bad news! I decided to fix-up my Youtube channel and upload some videos of me modeling. So don’t wait and go check it out!! Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel!!

Here is the link for the channel!

Thanks everyone!!!❤

P.S. I promise I’ll be blogging next week since it’s spring break here in Puerto Rico and I get to go home and relax!


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